We should all agree that diets don’t work. Most people successfully lose the weight but few manage to keep it off.

So, what is it that makes it so hard to maintain the target weight once you achieve it? First off, people want to lose weight for all the wrong reasons, or better yet, for reasons with an expiration date: to fit into the perfect dress, look great for the class reunion, to rock a bikini body on vacation, etc, etc, etc. Once they accomplish their goal, there is no reason to go on with the diet. They not only gain all the weight back, but often, add a few pounds to the original weight.

Nutrition programs, not a fan of the word “diet”, can only be successful long term if they are sustainable. There are two main reasons for that:

  • you can’t live forever on starvation mode or  on a very restricted regimen
  • you have to think of yourself as someone who deserves to be healthy, live a good life (disease free) and look good

The majority of people go back to their old bad habits once they decide to be off their diet. You have to free yourself from your “old self” in order to stick to new habits, to embrace your new lifestyle. 

Love your new identity, the person you deserve to be, and you can live the healthy life for good.