Ines Sanderson is a trainer and nutrition coach, former triathlete and bodybuilder. Her passion for fitness has inspired clients and people around her to exercise and get healthier.

She is deeply concerned with the “epidemic” of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, in most cases the result of excess weight. She is an accomplished athlete, winning a National Long Distance Triathlon Championship (age category) and being the runner-up (veteran category) in the National Bodybuilding Championship, both in her native Brazil.

She designs customized training programs to help clients achieve their goals, whether it is getting ready for a race or just getting in shape. She believes small changes in a person’s routine can result in major changes in his/her health, appearance and self-esteem. There is no “ideal” time, age to get started, results can be beneficial for people of all ages, fitness levels, especially those facing health issues.

So, now are you willing to let her help you? If the answer is “yes”, make the time , let’s get started!

Ines Sanderson is a AFAA certified personal fitness trainer and a NASM certified Nutrition Coach.