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the other 23 hours challenge

You have this great trainer, never skip a workout, do your cardio, stretch, and then what? Results are not what you expected... The truth is the other 23 hours of your day have a direct impact on results. So sitting for long hours, whether at work or at home, making...

from brainiac to athlete

I was not born an athlete, in fact, nobody is. In my case, I was expected to pursue an academic career. That's exactly what I did, top of the class student, till my late teens. That was the easy part, I was ready for it. Becoming an athlete was a different story. I...

Muscle, torque, flex

Build muscle, get stronger and stay flexible; I have used my experience and different techniques to put together a program that will help you get lean muscle mass, burn fat, work on your balance and flexibility.

Do’s and Don’ts for a good workout

Do get your playlist  together: music you enjoy can always push you to your limits. Don't workout 7 days/week: you should allow yourself at least one entire day off training. Don't workout on an empty stomach: fuel your body about 45 minutes before hitting the gym....

focus on exercise

Unless you are planning to walk for an hour, don't read on the treadmill, bike or elliptical. If you can do it , it probably means you are not working hard enough... Remember, this is a time to focus on yourself, your health, everything else can wait...

Meal planning

Always plan for meals. Start with your grocery list , stick to it. If you don't buy "extra", you won't eat "extra". Stock up on quality sources of protein, carbs and vegetables.