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Why I decided to quit drinking

I am not an alcoholic, at first I was going to say "far from it", but it sounds judgmental. This is not what the post is about. More like the 2 drinks/week type. So then, why quit? You drink moderately, "responsibly", like most booze adds advise. Well, alcohol no...

Let’s talk body fat

What is Body Fat? Reducing body fat is one of the most popular topics in health and fitness. Almost universally, people want less fat in their body than they currently have. However, not everything about fat is bad. Body Fat is an essential part of your body...

Tomorrow starts today

It does. Today is all you have. So don't procrastinate, start today, whatever it is you are committed to. Nothing is impossible. The story you tell yourself, and believe to be true, is what makes it impossible. Do one thing per day that will get you closer to where...

It is not all about your genes

I was not very athletic growing up but lucky enough to come from a large family, living in big houses and so, playing "kids' thing", going up trees, jumping on wall ledges, jumping rope, etc. It was not until my mid 30's that I got into , first running, and then, a...

Food for thought (a personal perspective)

Weight loss, fitness, healthy lifestyle, how is it that we are still talking about them? So much time into research, a multi billion dollar diet food industry, tons of supplements and vitamins to make us healthy…Why is it that a lot of people are still struggling to conquer their best life?

I have fought the idea of writing this article, thinking, “who wants to hear of one more story about dieting, keeping fit and feeling great? What made me go on with the project was the idea of saying all of that as if I were talking to a friend. And this is what I have done all my life, encourage people to be healthier, fitter, feel good about themselves and live the best life they can.

First I want to clear up the notion that, because I have never had to lose weight, it has always been a piece of cake. Nothing could be furthest from the truth: being healthy, fit and beautiful is a full time job, there’s no down time. This is the first and most important thing you need to understand not to fool yourself and get frustrated with results.

Second, I do not intend nor have the expertise to go into “teaching” people what to do, come up with all the scientific support, none of that. This article will only tell you about my own experience, what I have observed all these years in competitive sports and gyms, what I have heard from friends, students, family.

Third, I would like to inspire you to pursue the life you want for yourself. There are no magic formulas, diet, exercise routines that will “transform” you. There is only you wanting to be the best you can be, physically and emotionally. But it is also true that the best you will come from following certain guidelines regarding health, diet and exercise. You will find out how even bad times do not seem so bad when you are the best you. It is that power that comes from within, pushing you to move forward, to rebuild, reshape, start over, whatever you need to do to fully live your life.

I now invite you to share my experience, hoping it will help you be the person you really want to be.

I will write a blog post every week, this being the intro, and one following a week from now

Weight loss: the other end of the stick

About three decades ago, being overweight was a curse. Kids, teens and adults alike were bullied, pointed fingers at, ridiculed. The industry for diet and weight loss products and services boomed,people, in particular women, looked for the latest fad diet to fit into...

Think of your body as a high maintenance machine

High maintenance? That's a scary word, specially if you are on a budget. It's true that buying good food, real food, free from conservatives, may cost you a little bit more money. But what about prescription drugs ? These are much higher out of pocket costs. Bottom...

Facing challenges

How strong do you think you are? Probably much stronger than you know. We grow when we face challenges. Do things that, initially, make us feel uncomfortable, insecure, a little awkward. Don't quit because you are afraid of failing. You can't succeed if you are afraid...