About three decades ago, being overweight was a curse. Kids, teens and adults alike were bullied, pointed fingers at, ridiculed. The industry for diet and weight loss products and services boomed,people, in particular women, looked for the latest fad diet to fit into their skinny jeans, their wedding dress or a gown for a special occasion. We all know that restrictive diets make people lose weight but the majority can’t keep the weight off. Many tried to lose weight so many times , and some time after they found themselves back to square one; they gained all the weight back, or worse, gained even more weight back. Many of them convinced themselves that little or nothing worked so they should be fine with the size they were in. As a result, the market place soon learned they needed to be ready for their overweight customers. The sad news is that, according to the CDC, 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. Now the average body weight tends towards plump rather than svelte, the perception of what’s “normal” may be sliding.And that may have health consequences that are flying under your radar.
Medical issues are beyond the scope of my training, I am a personal trainer, not a MD.The point I want to make is that the “curse’ now is at the other end of the stick: people at their proper weight don’t stand a chance of finding clothes their size in big chain stores. So, if you are not one of the privileged few that can afford the high end stores, forget it!!When you need help finding S or XS clothes, you feel like you almost have to “apologize” for not being overweight or, “the new normal”.