More than a third of the adult population does not get enough sleep on a regular basis. Sleeping less than around 7 hours/night (according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine) is associated with an increased risk of developing chronic conditions, some more severe like high blood pressure, but also mental distress. So, whatever you do, exercising, working, running errands, working around the house, gets more difficult and you are constantly tired, sometimes impatient and always stressed out.This can also lead to poor nutrition: some people eat a loss less under these conditions, others do the opposite, they overeat.

So, yes, sleeping is very important for everybody and, if you are active, even more so, your body needs your beauty sleep to repair and recover.
Do not watch TV or take your laptop to bed, these habits may keep you awake.
Bedtime is time to lie down, try to empty your mind and get the rest you need.