I am not an alcoholic, at first I was going to say “far from it”, but it sounds judgmental. This is not what the post is about. More like the 2 drinks/week type. So then, why quit? You drink moderately, “responsibly”, like most booze adds advise. Well, alcohol no longer serves me in any way. Most people drink for the buzz, and one drink per night is not going to do it. Next, I’m prone to headaches, have been all my life, so that one drink is enough to trigger one. So, no high, a headache, low energy the next day, what’s the point?

Also,I am taking into account what two of my favorite people, experts say about alcohol consumption:

@peterattiamd, on his podcast “The Drive” (Qualys #1): “I’m not convinced that there is a single benefit to alcohol”.; @andrewhuberman, neuroscientist, professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, on the Huberman Lab podcast, episode # 86: “Indeed, even low-to-moderate alcohol consumption negatively impacts the brain and the body in direct ways.”

So, there you have it. I can’t find one single reason why I should drink.

Oh, there’s the thing about being socially awkward. Because of my lifestyle, healthy eating , intense exercising, I have been socially awkward for a very long time.

I made the decision and I am happy that I did.